Jacob Eade

Jacob Eade

Nationality: British

Location: UK

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Hi! My name is Jacob and I'm from the south west of the United Kingdom. I am a capable professional with strong objective, analytical, and technical skills to perform the duties of an ESL Teacher in creating an appropriate learning environment that appeals to all ages and suits every style of learning.After completing years at university I accepted a teaching position at an international school in Zhangjiagang, China. I spent years at the school working as a homeroom kindergarten teacher, primarily teaching the ages ranging from years. I taught a range of subjects Including English, Math, Science, Music, Art and PE. After completing years at the international school I gave in to my passion for travel and spent the subsequent months exploring south east Asia and the oceanic countries. For the first months I was employed by Cambly Inc as an online ESL teacher, educating adult learners in basic English. I spent the subsequent months bouncing between jobs in multiple industries in different locations to sustain my traveller lifestyle, before finally returning to the UK in December .Now that I've finished travelling for now and I'm back in my native country I'm open to multiple opportunities, both online and in house roles. If the job requires me to relocate to another country, of course, I'm happy to do so. I have held jobs in multiple industries, acquired a good education, travelled and lived in many countries. I believe this has given me a lot of life experience which I could share with my pupils to help open their eyes to different cultures. Beside teaching and travel my other interests consist of sport, exercise, reading and cooking. Now that you know my background please feel free to send me an email or schedule a skype call for a more in depth chat. Kind regards,Teacher Jake.

Working Experience

Hi! My name is Jacob and I'm from the south west of the United Kingdom. I am a capable professional with strong objectiv

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