Naveena Yates

Naveena Yates

Nationality: British

Location: UK

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

To whom it may concern, With this letter of introduction, I wish to submit my application for teaching vacancies for the upcoming Academic year . I have been an English language instructor of college students, as well as a Coordinator of Community Services and Coordinator of Elearning in my past years at the College of Applied Sciences in Salalah, Oman near the neighboring UAE city of Dubai. I am seeking a new challenge facilitating English language programs in an academic institution or private learning centre. I am hoping to find a highly creative and multifaceted job leading and teaching English classes for young adults and mature professionals. In addition, I would also enjoy teaching students of any age group and proficiency from entry level beginners to advanced communicators. I sincerely appreciate diversity and cooperation in all my supportive and creative endeavors as well as those of the establishments where I teach and administrate as my adjoining CV clearly illustrates. I will be returning to my native country of Canada for my summer holiday from July to August after which I plan on taking up my next teaching adventure. I also possess UK citizenship since I was born in Oxford, England. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Please contact me via email if you should require any further information of documentation. I have also just recorded a Video of Introduction which I have posted on my youtube channel called naveenaschannel which is similar to my story website Kind regards, Naveena Yates

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