Samuel Cohen

Samuel Cohen

Nationality: USA

Location: USA

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

English Language Arts Samuel Cohen Dec , High energy, passionate, and driven are words that well define me. With an early start to the day, it is my goal and ability to communicate and connect with others on a deeper level; in effort to advance their lives, as well as mine. In my time as a Teacher & Mentor, I have helped over students receive full scholarships to continue their academic and athletic career's & moving forward I intend on using my skills to forward my career in Student Development in the academic, business, and social settings they will encounter. Growing up in Miami, Florida, the best part of every day would be the sight of so many diverse cultures and religions, living together in harmony. It is my goal and passion to give back to these cultures for all the wonderful things they have done for my country, and for my own social and professional life, and hope by teaching and mentoring the youth to use the for mentioned skills, our world can grow to work effectively, and efficiently, while becoming closer then ever before. I thank whomever is reading this & look forward to speaking with you. Contact Information Ph# Email:

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