Bradley Gackowski

Bradley Gackowski

Nationality: USA

Location: USA

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

I have ten years of experience teaching students in South Korea from preK all the way up to adults, and at skill levels ranging from absolute beginner to advanced level speakers.  Most of my experience came at private elementary schools and after school academies that catered to elementary and middle school students.  In these various institutions, I devised and implemented curricula, planned lessons, ran winter and summer camps, and created and proctored exams.  In my most recent position, I was promoted to head teacher and was also in charge of interviewing and staffing the English department.   The challenges and rewards that I experienced in my years as a teacher have been the most meaningful aspects of my life, and I am excited at the prospect for a new opportunity.  One of the greatest assets that I carry into the classroom is adaptability, which has been gained through my extensive experience.  Having worked with many different coteachers, students of various backgrounds, curricula, and job environments, I am comfortable and adept at working within any system.  One of my classroom goals is to create an atmosphere where my passion for education and genuine interest in the success of all of my students can be felt and used as encouragement for growth.  

Working Experience

I years experience

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