Nadine Boshoff

Nadine Boshoff

Nationality: South African

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

“Your dreams only work if you do.” This is the motto I live by. I believe that education is my passion and that by constantly working to challenge and improve myself, I have been granted amazing opportunities to grow as an educator and person.  With solid expertise in implementing adaptive teaching methods, bestpractice student assessment and classroom management techniques, and creative problemsolving strategies, I am confident that my skills and qualifications will make me an ideal addition to your team of topperforming educators. Currently, I am a Deputy Principal and English Educator at REC Schools and Academies, a private school in South Africa. In this role, I have developed and executed curricula that unleashed students’ maximum academic potentials. Aside from that, I have been recognized by both students and colleagues alike for my resourceful thinking, language proficiency, and organizational abilities. The following are the highlights of my qualifications and achievements: Promoted from Grades and Educator to Grade and Educator and Deputy Principal within one year of appointment for exemplary performance in all academic and administrative tasks. Attained a % student passing rate in the English Home Language and Life Orientation by planning lessons and executing teaching strategies responsive to student abilities. Enabled students to become finalists, and even winners, in national public speaking competitions by organizing, directing, and coaching a public speaking club. Increased student learning potentials by designing and piloting mentorship programs to match Grade students with teachers. Maintained conduciveness of academic environment to learning by establishing and enforcing rules for student behavior and executing behavioral intervention strategies. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a future educator in your school. Yours sincerely Nadine Boshoff

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