Wuhan, November 22 (Xinhua): Five years at your home service, Li Meng has a tight calendar and often is too busy even to put the makeup.

This year has been particularly occupied for Li, since the Epidemic Covid-19 has accelerated the development of intelligent medical services.

Your Company, Xiaoyaoyao Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to providing people with convenient, safe and efficient medicine supply services.

Previously a Drug Distributor, the 33-year-old man knew the industry well and, therefore, made an attempt to transform the traditional model of the distribution of the Medicine of factories to pharmacies to pharmacies and clinics.

The conventional distribution The model is spoiled by the low efficiency and high prices of medications due to the participation of wholesale agents. Therefore, a feasible solution occurred through its startup.

Li, a native of the city of Xiangyang in the Province of Hubei of Central China, was associated with few others and founded Xiaoyaoyao in 2015 in the provincial capital of Wuhan .

However, things were not easy. Li directed his team to promote his business almost every day, but most customers rejected them after listening to the exalted introduction of his start.

"At the beginning, we told our customers. That we were going to create the most competitive online medicine company in the world and make quality and economic medicine Available for people, "Recorded Li. "However, people thought we were Swindlers."

Despite all the odds, through incessing and Sheer Grit efforts, your company has now grown up in one of China's most popular Internet companies. In drug sales, with more than 5,000 employees.

Using online orders on the Xiaoyaoyao platform, medications can be sold directly from pharmaceutical factories to more than 300,000 terminal and clinical pharmacies. In more than 20 provinces, municipalities and regions throughout the country.

Yukang Farmarstore, located in the Shennongjia Mountains in Hubei, is the only means for thousands of local villagers to get drugs. According to the Storekeeper Xu Zongcai, he had to drive three hours to the nearest city to rest before Xiaoyaoyao was.

"Now I just need to order online through my cell phone, and numerous cost-effective and safe medications will be sent here," Xu said.

During the Outbreak Covid-19 in Wuhan, Xiaoyaoyao provided people with the service to buy medical masks online. The company donated and supplied anti-epidemic material, such as masks and glasses goggles to hospitals, communities and pharmacies.

The company has also developed new platforms such as intelligent management of pharmacies and telemedicine.

"Starting a company requires constant trips and hard work," said Li. "We will continue focusing on a secure, transparent and efficient drug logistics to better serve people." EndItem

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