Shanghai Airport Covid Shoes Sparks Sparks 'Chaotic' mass tests

Requested authorities All freight employees come to prove Sunday.

Published official photographs seem to show an ordered and calm process.

However, it is believed that other videos are from the massive tests that show officials in the Devices of Hazmat. Corrorating the large crowds in a restricted space.

Many of the videos have lost since then disappeared and stable, the media have not reported in any chaos, saying only more than 16,000 people were tested during the night.

According to China's Global Times, mass tests began on Sunday afternoon after several load workers and proven close contacts.

Shanghai has reported at least seven local cases since November 9, which mainly involves this group, after five months without new infections.

Images that accompany the report of the newspaper show the clean and tidy queues, with winding lines within the multi-floor parking lot of the airport.

But the publications on the Chinese social networking platform Weibo paint a different image, saying that the tests became chaos when too many workers were flooded on the site, which pushed it beyond capacity. .

A video shows workers with facial masks that are channeled through a parking lot on the staff in Hazmat's full costumes, with people who shout and push.

Videos were all videos in the morning. .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainermargin-left: 1.5REM; .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainer

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    according to agency China Xinhua news, freight workers will now receive regular evidence and will also be given to high-risk jobs.

    While no Chinese vaccine is completely approved, some first-class workers such as medical staff have already received a dose. The Coronavirus pandemic began for the first time in China at the end of 2019, but through rigorous blockages, the country managed to contribute infections. In recent months, it has had only small and sporadic local outbreaks.

    mass tests have been one of the tools that the Chinese government has used to track any outbreaks, even in May that prove the population of 11 million people from Wuhan, the city where it was identified by first Once the novel Coronavirus.

    The total number of confirmed cases in China is just over 92,000 from the beginning of the pandemic, with a number of dead of just over 4,700, according to Johns Hopkins University Research.

    China does not include asymptomatic cases in your official account. Media CaptionStephen McDonell Explore 'The Normal New' in Beijing As it adapts to life with CORONAVIRUSRATED TEMS

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