by Sanaa Kamal

Bethlehem, November 24 (Xinhua), unlike the previous years, the streets of The Palestinian city of Bethlehem looks empty before Christmas due to the spread of the Covid-19. Palestinian officials recently said that this year's celebrations will be carried out under strict anti-Covid-19 measures, adding that celebrations are limited to religious rituals with a reduced number of worshipers.

City authorities have imposed precautionary measures to stop the spread of the disease, which includes arresting tourists who receive tourists in Bethlehem and at the West Bank .

Every year, the Bethlehem authorities would receive holidays with extensive agreements to ensure the pilgrims that come from another part of the world. However, the propagation of Coronavirus in Palestine has hampered all these preparations.

"This year's Christmas celebrations will be observed with the participation of the minimum number of worshipers and strict. CAUTION MEASURES," said Bethlehem Anton Salman's mayor.

Salman explained that the celebrations will be transmitted on television channels and social networking applications, highlighting that the amount of guests being limited.

Salman noted that Belén is the Palestinian city most affected by the dissemination of Coronavirus, since it is based largely on foreign tourism that has been completely stopped from the Expallation of the pandemic.

According to the Palestinian Association of hotel owners in the city, there are around 70 hotels in Bethlehem that employ around 3,000 workers, most of whom lost Your jobs due. To the suspension of national and foreign tourism.

Despite the resumption of work in most sectors in the Palestinian territories, the tourist field remains closed.

In addition, the 170 handicraft stores, and around 100 discharge, embroidery and decoration workshops remained closed.

According to the Palestinian Statistics Palestine Office, 33,000 Palestinians who work in the tourism sector has been eliminated in all the districts of the West Bank, mainly in Bethlehem.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Tourism and Palestinian Antiques, Jereyes, Qumseyah, said that tourist activity in Bethlehem has been seriously affected, which is reflected in the lives of the Residents of the city, and adds that 70 percent of Bethlehem's economy depends on tourism.

"The suspension of tourism activity is accompanied by difficulties that prevent the rebirth of domestic tourism in Bethlehem due to the general economic deterioration of Palestinian citizens," he said.

For Palestine, tourism is a main artery for its economy. It attracted more than 3.5 million tourists and Christian pilgrims around the world last year. EndItem

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