Hong Kong, November 25 (Xinhua) - Hong Kong Health Protection Center (CHP) reported 85 additional confirmed cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, updating the record in More than three months.

Among the new cases, 84 are local infections with 16 that have an unknown source of infection. Another 63 local cases are related to a dance cluster, which carries the amount of infections related to the dance cluster at 250. A doctor and a student too They are among the informed new patients, the CHP said in a statement.

In addition, more than 60 people were proven positive preliminarily, including a male nurse and an elderly toilet staff.

Some 40 patients were admitted to the community treatment facility at Asiaworld-Expo on the first day of its reopening, according to Hong Kong Hospital Authority, which said that 349 patients were still treated in hospitals, including seven in critical state. EndItem

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