Beijing, November 25 (Xinhua) - Although the Covid-19 pandemia has plunged the World to the recession and we feel feelings against globalization, China has never emptied from its determination to build an open economy.

The country has continued to make efforts resolved with a skillful hand in search of its goal.

Assistance to a series of international meetings Last week, President Xi Jinping delineated ways to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity.

He expressed a firm commitment that China will embrace the World with more open weapons and create greater opportunities for global recovery.

"The opening allows a country to advance, while the isolation possesses it," said XI in the Dialogues of the CEO of Economic Cooperation of Asia and the Pacific ( APEC) through video link. "We need to intensify communication and policies coordination, intensify full global cooperation against COVID-19 and maintain the overall economy open".

Promotion of connectivity

Noting that the pandemic once again shows how the interests of all the Countries are closely interwoven and humanity shares a common participation, Xi urged all Countries to act in the spirit of the association and pass through this difficult time together.

China has opened "Quick Tracks" with fellow APEC members such as Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and Singapore to facilitate the movement of people during the pandemic. Although more efforts have been committed to establish "green lanes" with all other parts to improve the efficiency of customs clearance, customs bottlenecks and reconnect interrupted links.

Group members 20 (G20) must guarantee a smooth operation of the global economy and the mineral rest the safe and soft operation of industrial and supply chains Global, cut the rates and reduce barriers, it was also indicated.

"The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of connectivity," said XI, adding that connectivity is vital for regional economic integration and an essential subscription for the Interconnected development of the World.

Addressing the 27th meeting of APEC Economic Leaders, XI said that China welcomes the signature of the Regional Integral Economic Association and will also consider joining the Comprehensive Agreement and Progressive for the Trans-Pacific Association.

The words of XI demonstrate China's sincere attitude towards strengthening cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region, which will contribute to the continuous improvement of regional integration, said Miguel Rodríguez Mackay, president of the Peruvian Institute of Law and International Relations.

Forging greater Innovation synergy

"As we continue working on free trade and open, We should not pay less attention to the economy and technical cooperation, "said the XI, highlighting that the digital economy represents the future direction of global development.

Noting that the Covid-19 has fed the boom of new technologies, commercial shapes and platforms, opening new ways for economic growth, XI said that efforts must Be advanced in taking advantage of the role of digital economy.

Xi stressed efforts to implement the Internet of the APEC and the road map of the digital economy in its entirety to stimulate the diffusion and application of new technologies, strengthens Digital infrastructure and close the digital divide.

also requested to improve doing the digital-business environment and the actors of the energy markets.

XI stressed that the G20 should address the challenges posed by T

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