Guangzhou, November 26 (Xinhua): China had launched more than 700,000 base stations 5g, with more than 180 million terminal connections, as of October this year, said the Thursday an official.

Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, revealed the numbers at the 5G World Convention, which was inaugurated on Thursday in Guangzhou, capital of the province of Guangdong from South China.

Liu said the 5G technology of the country is seeing accelerated integration with the real economy, with a growing number of terminals and more fields of application, such as intelligent manufacturing , health, energy and agricultural sector.

Until now, 253 types of 5g terminals have been authorized in China, including 218 types of 5G mobile phones, he said.

According to the Mobile Global Provider Association, in mid-November, 122 carriers in 49 countries and regions have launched 5g services. It is estimated that the number of global commercial 5G networks will reach 180s at the end of this year. EndItem

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Tax deal sets bar too low, campaigners say

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