When Covid-19 emerged for the first time at the beginning of 2020, many expatriates in China left the country for fear or were found stranded abroad and could not return. Fast progress until the end of the year, and although most of the rest of the world is still fighting for the pandemic, life in China has largely returned to normal. At the time of writing, it is still very difficult or even impossible for foreigners to enter China. For those of us already here, therefore, this represents a unique opportunity. Call me a cynical, call me an opportunist, I do not care. Here, I observe how Travel Restrictions Covid can help expat in China anticipate their careers.

Test water for an increase

Perhaps the most obvious way of an expatriate in China to take advantage of the current situation is to request an increase. With a group of foreign talents limited in the country at this time and the extreme hard to take to new people from abroad, it will never be in a stronger negotiation position.

It is important that it can not be carried away, however. Although we are living through exceptional times, do not be too greedy. Your employer may yield and give you what you request, but you can paint a great red goal on your back if your salary becomes unsustainable.

Your company can forward how it stepped back on a corner in difficult times and find a way to push you once the pandemic is over. Even if they do not hold it against you, having a disproportionately high salary means that it is more likely that it is allowed to go if the company is making layoffs. With the uncertain economic climate created by the pandemic, which is definitely not out of the question. Climb a step forward with a

promotion with the current situation, some expats in China are finding themselves with promotion opportunities they would have expected years otherwise. When China closed its borders, many companies were suddenly found with half a team and there are missing some key leaders. Supervisors and managers, many of whom can not perform their tasks remotely, were trapped abroad, and new hiring from abroad were not possible.

As a result, the here on the ground benefit from the vacuum. In monitoring and management personnel in China. At such a volatile and unpredictable moment, many companies will also prefer to contract internally. If you are ever going to make that leap to the administration, therefore, now it is time to be brave and turn forward for any gaps that appear in your company's hierarchy.

Just be careful not to take a promotion for the good of it. The promise of a salary increase, a larger bonus, and a lot of benefits can be very attractive, but it is important to be honest with yourself and ask if the paper is really a good fit for you. If you do not have enough experience or do not adapt to your set of skills and ambitions, it might be better to follow what it does. make the jump to a new industry

is a story as old as time. A young foreigner comes to China to teach English for a year and travel by Asia. However, in China, they find a great opportunity for a race switch and end up spending the next 10 years making a life by themselves in a country, they never planned to stay in.

Never have the opportunities of industries switches in China have been greater. As the talent pool companies once had to extract, they are reduced, the race routes that you do not have the necessary experience to be able to be opened to you now. Specialists in quality control in factories or editors in technology companies are usually recruited abroad, but with current travel restrictions, the vast majority of foreign applicants who would compete for those roles are no longer in the contest.

do not worry too much if you do not have enough experience. The best way to learn is at work, after all. If the prospect of a career change excits you, pull your hat on the ring for

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