Zhengzhou, November 29 (Xinhua) - Chinese archaeologists have discovered an ancient tomb that goes back to the period of spring and autumn (770 BC-476 BC) in the cemetery Xuyang in Luoyang, the central province of Henan of China.

It is believed to be the tomb of a noble or real of the people of Luhun Rong, an ethnic group that emigrated from the northwest and central China inhabited during the period.

Bronze and charillion bells, jade ornaments and thumb rings were found in the well-preserved grave that was surrounded by horses and car wells. , said Wu Yeheng, who is in charge of the excavation site.

It is believed that the tomb has integrated the burial customs of the town of Rong and the culture of the China Central. Plains located in the middle and lower reach of the Yellow River, given the Bronze Funeral Objects, as well as the heads and horseshows, oxen and sheep that are in the car wells, according to Shi Jiazhen, head of the Institute of Cultural relics and archeology in Luoyang.

Located in Luoyang's Yichuan County, the Xuyang Cemetery is a group of tombs belonging to Rong's ancient migrants. It is the first discovery of Rong remains in the central plains. EndItem

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