Beijing: The attendance of professionals from tertiary hospitals throughout China has helped health institutions in the remote regions of Tibet and Xinjiang country to improve their capacity and service management, contributing to relief and improvement of poverty in the health of the premises, said a government official Tuesday.

In each of the last five years, around 900 tertiary hospital experts participated in the campaign to support hospitals in the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur and the Building Body of Xinjiang and my Feng, an official of the" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">National Health Commission.

Addressing a press conference on health assistance in poverty alleviation efforts during the 13th Quinquennial Plan (2016-2020), said my health institutions that had received support included Hospitals based in 106 impoverished counties.

China has a three-level system to qualify hospitals, with tertiary hospitals, which have large ST number of beds and provides comprehensive medical services, at the top of the list.

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