Beijing, December 17 (Xinhua): It is difficult to say what looks like a stain of insect eggs in the pieces of paper at a Beijing-based institute that generates millions of the Natural enemies to kill pests in the parks of the city.

Researchers at the Landscape Institute of Landscape of Beijing Doin, its masses breeding workshop for predatory and parasitic enemies a "factory of natural enemies". As they help the urban green space, get rid of the annoying Longhorn beetles.

"In one area of ​​one by a cm can lie thousands of eggs from Dastarcus Helophoroids and when the larvae comes out, they can live Longhorn beetles, which are much more Large than them in size, "said Qiu Lanfen, a researcher with the Institute.

Beetle power in the trees is easy to locate, since it excretes a trail of wooden chippings. Therefore, the larvae of your natural enemy can follow the road to the trunk and, finally, make the great meal of your food, sucking the dry pest.

In the Institute's workshop, up to 500,000 Adults Dascarcus Heloporoids can be raised annually, its larva destines to tithe the beetles.

Since 2014, the Research Institute has developed production technology in a big business. , Receiving orders in Drovers.

In 2019, he sold 400,000 dastarcus Heloporoids to the city's parks to protect 20,000 willows. More than 200,000 were sold to biological pest control companies.

"'an insect for an insect' designs conventional concerns about environmental pollution caused by a strong bombardment of chemical and pesticide products while leaving other useful insects alone," he said Qiu

In addition to producing natural enemies in the factory, the institute is also looking for ways to produce them naturally.

"When participating in the initial design of the Urban Green Space, we include plants that birds and some natural enemies of common pests can feed to activate the immune. System of ecosystems, "said Wang Jianhong, researcher at the Institute on Ecological Regulation.

Around 87 percent of the natural enemy insects that Wang is interested in being difficult to withdraw artificial conditions and eat pollen and nectar of certain plants. Researchers like Wang recommend plants to the garden departments and gardening departments as a natural magnet for useful insects.

Researchers are also experimenting with gadgets called "insect houses". Providing natural enemies shelters to winter.

"In accordance with the laws of nature with respect helps maintain the ecological balance, we should not try to eliminate all pests, but to maintain their damage in a given Level, "said Che Shaochen, head of the Department of Protection of the Landscape of the Institute.

Previously, most urban green space selected the vegetation with the ornamental effect in mind and paid little attention to possible dangers such as biological degradation, according to Wang. / p>

"But things have changed. The idea of ​​ecological civilization has the United States thinking and pushed Blaze a path for a better future," said Che. EndItem


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