Tianjin, December 21 (Xinhua) - Tianjin Municipality in Northern China has found the Virus Covid-19 in a sample collected by the packaging of imported pig trotters, he said On Monday the local authorities.

The Covid-19 prevention and control headquarters in the city, said that, during an inspection of imported foods of cold chain, the authorities detected the novel coronavirus In the samples taken from the packing of pork trotters in a cold storage in Binhai New area on Sunday. The food had been imported from Denmark.

The authorities have sealed the imported goods, which did not enter the market and disinfected the environment. A total of 196 samples collected from the packing of frozen foods and the negative proven environment for Covid-19 on Sunday.

Twenty-four people who had been in contact with contaminated packaging are low quarantine. They all have tried negative for Covid-19 until now.

China has intensified the efforts to block the propagation of Covid-19 through imported food. The Ministry of Transportation published a guide in mid-November to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 through imported cold-chain foods through roads and riverways.

The articulation of the State Council The Prevention and Control Mechanism against Covid-19 has also revealed a plan for full chain management, closed, traceable food Imported cold chain. EndItem


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