Beijing, December 25 (Xinhua): A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry reiterated on Friday that China is a responsible fishing country that actively fulfills its international obligations. The US allegations of China who use forced labor in fishing operations in the ocean are "unfounded and malicious and calumerous attacks."

Spokesman Wang Wenbin made the observations in a press release in response to an US report. UU that attacks China's fishing operations.

Wang said that China grants great importance to the conservation and sustainable use of fishery resources and actively satisfy their international obligations.

"China has established a full-rights management system for distant water fishing and implemented the world's strongest boat monitoring system (VMS). The moratorium of voluntary fishing in the high seas in the South East and Southwest Atlantic, "Wang said, added that China has joined eight regional fisheries management organizations, with high-ranking performance in compliance.

At the same time, China works actively W with the international community to decipher on illegal, undeclared and unregulated fishing, the spokesman said, adding that in 2021 China will also adopt a system of reports and observers for transshipment on the high seas to help preserve fishing resources.

According to the international customary practice in the distant water fishing industry, Chinese companies became mutually beneficial labor cooperation relations with some countries by their own agreement , Wang said. "There is no" forced work "."

He added that the authorities in China and the relevant countries also maintain good communication with respect to the establishment of bilateral fishing cooperation mechanisms. "We reject attacks and flashing without foundation and malicious."

Wang noted that the Seineers of the United States far exceeded the number of days in which they are allowed to fish on high seas according to the organization of relevant fishing management, and They have been doing this for many years.

"This has been a cause of concern with other members in the organization. It should not be the United States reflects on its behavior and stops raping the rules?" He asked spokesman. EndItem


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