The Chinese economy to overcome us 'for 2028' due to the Covid

The Center for Economy and Business Research (CEBR), based on the United Kingdom, said the "skillful" management of Covid-19 China would increase its relative growth compared to the United States and Europe in the coming years.

Meanwhile, India will become the third largest economy in 2030.

Although China was the first country hit by Covid-19, it controlled the disease through A fast and extremely strict action, which means that it did not need to repeat the economically paralyzing blockages, since the European countries have done.

As a result, unlike other important economies, it has avoided an economic recession by 2020 and, in fact, it is estimated that seeing the growth of 2% this year. .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainermargin-left: 1.5REM; .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainer 'China is a hard rock. Will not be hit by the virus'

  • millions of Americans face the Unemployment Benefits Lapse

    The economy of the United States, on the contrary, has been affected by the worst epidemic of Coronavirus of the world in terms of pure numbers. More than 330,000 people have died in the US. UU and there have been about 18.5 million confirmed cases.

    Economic damage has been muffled by monetary policy and enormous fiscal stimulus, but political disagreements on a new stimulus package could leave around 14 million Americans without payments of unemployment benefits in the year New. "For some time, a general theme of the global economy has been the struggle of economic and smooth power between the United States and China," says the CEBR report. "The pandemic of Covid-19 and the corresponding economic falls have undoubtedly inclined this rivalry in the favor of China." The report says that after "a strong post-pandemic rebound in 2021", the economy of the United States will grow by approximately 1.9% annually. of 2022-24 and then slow to 1.6% in the years after that.

    On the contrary, the Chinese economy is inclined to grow 5.7% per year up to 2025, and 4.5% annually since 2026-2030.

    China's participation of the world economy has increased from only 3.6% in 2000 to 17.8% now and the country will become a "high income economy" for 2023, according to the report.

    The Chinese economy is not only benefiting from having controlled the Early COVID-19, but also the formulation of aggressive policies that directs industries such as advanced manufacturing, said Deputy President of Zebras Douglas McWilliams .

    "It seems that they are trying to have a centralized control at a level, but a free market economy in other areas," he told the BBC. "And it is the free market bit that is helping you move forward, especially in areas such as Tech".

    But the average Chinese person will remain much poorer in financial terms than the average American even after China becomes the largest economy in the world. , since the population of China is four times bigger. In other predictions:

  • The economy of the post-Brexit United Kingdom will grow by 4% per year of 2021-25 and 1.8% per year of 2026-30 (after shrinking in 2020) India had surpassed the United Kingdom as the fifth largest economy in 2019, but it has slipped again due to the impact of the pandemic. It will not take over until 2024, the Cebbe says
  • The economy of India will continue to advance to Germany in 2027 and Japan at 2030 Related topics
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