A food benefit worker makes a great snow in Songyuan, Jilin Province, on November 19. China Daily Daily

Beijing - China's meteorological authority on Monday issued an orange alert for a cold wave as a cold cold front will sweep most of the center parts. And east of China.

From Monday to Thursday, the temperature is expected in most parts of China's center and this fall into 10 degrees Celsius, while temperatures in some areas in the northwest, northeast, North and Southern China fall by 12 degrees Celsius at 16 degrees Celsius, according to the National Foreman (NMC).

The cold wave will bring the bells to the aforementioned regions and some marine areas near East and South China, the NMC said. .

The center advised the public to take precautions against cold weather and strong winds.

China has a four-level colors climate alert system, with red that represents the most severe climate, followed by orange, yellow and blue.


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