A medical worker collects a gorge swab of a resident in a nucleic acid testing site in the Shunyi district in Beijing, on December 26, 2020. [Photo / Xinhua]

All communities and residential streets in the Beijing Shunyi District, where 19 cases were recently reported, have strengthened their prevention and virus control measures to reduce the infection, a senior official at a press conference on Monday.

Zhi Xianwei, Deputy Executive Chief of the District, said emergency measures have been implemented, including closed management, disinfection and large-scale testing.

A Monday afternoon, the Authority identified 891 close contacts and 618 secondary closing contacts of previous Covid-19 cases.

At 3 pm Monday, the district had collected 1,207,657 samples. Between these, 901,206 all showed negative results.

Beijing has entered into an emergency state, since the number of COVID-19 cases increased in recent days.

Xu Hejian, spokesman for the municipal government, said that the city still faces a complicated situation in terms of Coronavirus control and prevention.

The city reported an imported case on Sunday.

On Saturday, Beijing reported five confirmed cases and an asymptomatic case, all transmission at the national level and all related to a previously confirmed case.

In response, two villages in the Shunyi district, where infected patients live or work, have been designated as areas of average risk. As of Sunday, according to Pang Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/519" target="_BLANK">Xinghuo, Deputy Director of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Li Yi, spokesperson for the Beijing Education Commission, said university students must return home for their winter holidays at a stepped time to reduce the risk of infection.

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