Beijing, December 30 (Xinhua): China's Future Hushen 300 index opened lower on Wednesday, with the contract for settlement in January 2021 opening 0.06 by Hundred lower at 5,047.6 points.

The February 2021 contract opened 0.18 percent lower at 5,036.8 points. The March 2021 contract opened 0.13 percent lower at 5,036.2 points. The June 2021 contract opened 0.03 percent lower at 4,994.8 points.

Stock index contracts, agreements to buy or sell the BLUE-CHIP HUSHEN 300 index at a pre-established value at an agreed date, are designed to allow the Investors will bet and take advantage of profits or decreases in the market.

Index futures were launched in China's financial futures. Exchange and began negotiating since April 16, 2010. The CFFEX has established the basic value for the four contracts at 3,399 points. EndItem


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