Zhong Nanshan, on the left, reviews a computerized tomography at the first affiliated hospital of the Medical University of Guangzhou, on September 8, 2020. [Photo / Xinhua]

A prominent expert from Chinese respiratory disease said there are few Possibilities that the continent be witness to another. New wave of massive outbreaks of Covid-19 in the coming months.

Zhong Nanshan, an academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said he did not believe that China witnesses a massive recurrence of the pandemic as the country. He has formed very effective and strict preventive mechanisms and has introduced concrete and effective measures to prevent and control the propagation of coronavirus in local communities and neighborhood committees.

But Zhong said sporadic outbreaks would probably happen in some regions and cities in the months of anticipation.

Zhong made the comments of him when he was interviewed by China's central television on Wednesday.

Zhong said that China does not need to ban travel for the masses during the coming. New Year and S Vacation of the Pring Festival.

But residents still have to pay special attention to prevent them from being infected with the coronavirus in the coming months.

And Chinese is encouraged to travel abroad and visit the regions and cities that have been included as areas of medium and low risk in the continent, Zhong added.


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