China Covid-19: Almost 500,000 in Wuhan could have had virus, says the study

The People of Wuhan is estimated at 11 million, suggesting that almost 500,000 people may have had the virus.

If it is true, that is almost 10 times higher than the officially registered number of Wuhan of 50,354 cases.

Asymptomatic cases are not counted in the official case of China Tally.

The study, held earlier this year, took samples from 34,000 people in Wuhan, as well as the wider province of Hubei, Beijing, Shanghai and four other provinces, said China CDC in a statement About Wechat.

The study is ahead of a visit from a team of international scientists to Wuhan to investigate the origins of the virus. They will visit next month, after months of negotiations with Beijing, which had been reluctant to agree on an independent investigation.

China before this year had been accused of a lack of transparency over its virus figures, with critics. Casting doubts to the extent that you could trust your numbers. .css-1pzprxn-buletlistcontainmargin-left: 1.5REM; .csss-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainer

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    The CDC statement added that only two people tested positive For the antibody among the 12,000 people tested outside of Hubei.

    The study was performed a month after China "contained the first wave" of the pandemic

    concluded that the number of people infected outside Wuhan was low, saying that these measures Suggested in Wuhan had prevented the virus from spreading on a larger scale.

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    earlier this year, the virus went back to a so-called "wet market" in Wuhan, and it was suggested that this was Where he made the jump of animals to humans.

    But now experts believe that it can simply have been amplified there. Related Topics

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