Covid: The pandemic cushion the celebrations of the New Year around the world. The exhibitions of fireworks and other public meetings have been canceled from Sydney to New York.

France has mobilized 100,000 policemen to break the New Year's parties and enforce a nighttime touch.

More than 1.8 million people have died with the virus around the world since the beginning of the pandemic a year ago. More than 81 million cases have been reported. .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainermargin-left: 1.5REM; .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainer What countries have been reached more difficult?

  • How the new variant was identified Compared Covid Vaccines How are Asia-Pacific countries affected?

    One of the first nations to sound in the New Year was Australia. The exhibition of Sydney's fireworks went ahead, but the crowds were not allowed to meet at the port of the city to enjoy it.

    "We do not want to create any super-widespread event on New Year's Eve", New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

    Many Sydney residents simply saw pyrotechnics on television at home, where meetings are limited to five guests. In China, the annual New Year's Light Show in the Beijing Capital was called the celebrations were staggered in cities across the country. But in Wuhan, where he believes that the pandemic originated, thousands of people gathered in the center of the city to celebrate, since the balloons were released into the air.

    Japan canceled a traditional New Year event in which Emperor Naruhito and other members of the Imperial Family were greeting people.

    In India, Delhi and several other cities imposed a curfew at night and other restrictions to avoid great new year meetings.

    However, in New Zealand, where a strict closed and border closures have been eliminated, but they were eliminated, the New Year celebrations were carried out as usual.

    What about Europe?

    In France, the Government ordered a visible security presence in urban areas from 20:00 on Thursday, when He begins the curfew. In Paris, half of the subway lines will close at night.

    France has had two blocks and bars, restaurants and cultural attractions will be closed in the New Year. Image CopyRightTreutesImage CopyRightTreutersImage Captecurity forces are in force to prevent the illegal party through France

    in England, where the new tension of Coronavirus is rapidly extending and 20 million people in the most affected regions They watch forced to stay at home, the first minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson urged people to follow the rules.

    "That means not to meet with friends or family indoors, unless they are in the same home or in the support bubble, and avoiding great meetings of any kind," he said on Wednesday. Media Captionboris Johnson says he is sure that the United Kingdom situation of the United Kingdom will be "much better" before April 5

    the Metropolitan Police issued a warning to possible Christmas in London to "celebrate the New Year in The comfort of its own homes. "

  • 'We are happy the great night of departure is canceled'

    Ireland will move at its highest level of restrictions on Thursday, prohibiting all visits to the home, closing all trips to Retail and limited non-essential 5 km (three miles).

    Germany is currently locked until January 10. The Government has banned the sale of fireworks and placed strict restrictions on the number of people who can meet in public.

    In what was expected to be the last direction of her from the New Year's Eve as Chancellor, as she plans to resign in nine months, Angela Merkel pointed to the theory of conspiracy.

    Make a rare sample of emotion, she said that she could only imagine how cynical and cruel her dangerous lies should feel those who had lost loved ones to the virus.

    In Italy, a tube is 22:00, and the bars, restaurants and most stores have been closed. Meanwhile, Pope Francis will not lead to NE

    Beijing  Metropol 

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