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This is the policy: the recent commitments of the boldest climate of the United Kingdom, the EU, the US President Incoming Joe Biden and even China. These are business: For the first time, renewable energy investment will exceed that in fossil fuels. And it's about time: a year of post-covid recovery that runs up to the global climate summit COP26 in November.

But above all these are ideas: a rash of climate change solutions. Applied human intelligence is the vaccine against climate change.

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here are five of the most intriguing robots: driving a new wave of wind power bladebug is a rectangular robot that crawl over the blades of the turbine. Imagine a suitcase that sprouted six legs with suction feet. Having human on the site to take care of the sea turbines is risky and expensive, constituting 40% of its total cost of life.

But drones may take Bladebug to the High Seashed wind farm before it is trailed over the tower and blades with sensors to detect damage or anything that reduces its efficiency or useful life. You can even fill and polish small defects.

The International Energy Agency says that the wind in the high seas could give 18 times the demand for global electricity today, and innovations as this will make it even more affordable and achievable. The BladeBug will experience commercial trials this year and plans to reach the market in 2022.

Climate-friendly rice Image copyrighttrothamsted Research

Growing rice has A similar climate impact for flying, about 2-3% of global warming. The rice fields are like giant marshes that emit huge amounts of methane.

Rothamsted Research, in Hertfordshire, has developed 'direct sowing rice' (DSR) that does not need to be cultivated in a puddle, so it uses less water. The plant has also grown to grow its first roots and sprout more quickly, which is vital for success in a conventional field system.

It is crossed with existing high performance varieties and the initial results are promising. Water in rice fields helps suppress weeds and, therefore, this system may need more herbicide, but developers believe that seeds ready for the farm will be ready in a couple of years with most of the rice of the world that was cultivated in this way in a decade.

Wood for good Image copyrightgetty images

Every seven seconds the sustainable forests of Europe produce enough wood to build a family house of four people. Carbon is absorbed by the growing trunk, enclosed in the house and then the trees are replaced.

Wood construction also decreases the huge carbon impacts of concrete and steel use. Transverse laminated wood: like a super thick plywood, allows the use of wood for large areas of floors and walls.

The French Government has ruled that all new public buildings must be made of at least 50% of the wood and a 'Plyscraper' race is being carried out with the 18-story torre in BRUMNDAL , Norway, the current winner.

Around the world the highest buildings are on the drawing board, but in the United Kingdom, changes in construction regulation in response to the Grenfell Tower can limit the use of wood in tall buildings.

Parking the Arctic

In Siberia deeper, Nikita Zimov runs Pleistocene Park. Populated by musk-ox, wild horses and bison, it's like the Jurassic Park, but with a more friendly crowd. He wants to protect the frozen terrain from thawing and liberating carbon into increasing temperatures, but to make him say something that sounds like heresy: "Here trees worse climate change." BlockQuoteBorder: 1px solid #baba; Radio-Radio: 4PX; Filling: 1Rem; Max-Width: 36.25REM; Margin: 0.5REM 0; A publication shared by Pleistocene Park (@PleistOcenePark)

The arctic forest cover only came when humans killed MO

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Image of China to press ahead with smart taxation system: official
China to press ahead with smart taxation system: official

Beijing, September 16 (Xinhua): China will unwaverly advance the digitization of the tax administration in the country, a official said on Wednesday.

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