Shijiazhuang, January 7 (Xinhua) - Three district officials, disciplinary warnings have been given to their abandonment of duty in the prevention and control of Covid-19 in Shijiazhuang , Capital of China of the North Province of Hebei, according to a notice issued by the authorities of inspection and supervision of municipal discipline.

The notice confirms the punishments to Feng Zhiqiang, Deputy Head of Gaocheng District Government and deputy Commander of the District's emergency response headquarters, NIE Xiaonan, an official of The municipalities in Gaocheng and Sun Guohui, a village docket in Gaocheng. Gaocheng District of Shijiazhuang was ranked on Wednesday as a high-risk area for Covid-19.

The province reported 51 new cases of Covid-19 transmission locally and 69 asymptomatic cases on Wednesday, which led the total number of cases confirmed in hospitals at 90 in Hebei, the PR The Ovincial Health Commission said on Thursday.

Among the newly confirmed cases on Wednesday, 50 were reported in the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang, and 67 of the asymptomatic cases were also found in Shijiazhuang.

According to the announcement of disciplinary punishment, officials were responsible for the lack of prevention and control of the epidemic in the village of Liujiazuo in the district.

On January 3, a positive villager Covid-19 left the town against control measures. EndItem

Shijiazhu  Shijiazhuang 

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