Guiyang, January 8 (Xinhua) - Schools in Guiyang, capital of Southwest Guizhou province, suspended classes in several districts on Friday, according to frozen climate, has Roads coated and power lines. With ice, the" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">local authorities said.

According to the Guiyang meteorological service, due to the effect of a cold shock, the temperature was submerged at least 4.6 degrees Celsius on Thursday, the lowest temperature at the beginning of January in Guiyang in seven years.

The freezing climate is forecast to continue until January 10.

The provincial authorities initiated an emergency response to the extreme climate on Wednesday. EndItem

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Image of China to press ahead with smart taxation system: official
China to press ahead with smart taxation system: official

Beijing, September 16 (Xinhua): China will unwaverly advance the digitization of the tax administration in the country, a official said on Wednesday.

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