Beijing, January 9 (Xinhua): Improving climate resilience is the most realistic and prescribed task that humanity faces in recent times, a Chinese climate officer said.

"The impact of climate change is stronger and faster than we expected," said Xinhua Chao Qingchen, Vice-director of the National Center for Climate, in a interview. "Even if all countries that have established neutral carbon objectives can comply with their commitments, global temperature will still exceed 2.1 degree Celsius at the end of this century of levels Pre-industrial, "the official said.

China has announced that it would endeavor to provide carbon dioxide emissions to a peak before 2030 and become neutral carbon before 2060 to address climate change.

Compare with developed countries, China needs to make more efforts to achieve the carbon neutral objective, the Chao said, urging more technological innovations to help comply with The objective, including the promotion of the electrification of all sectors, developing negative emission technologies and strengthening global cooperation.

China will increase the proportion of non-phossyl fuels in its main energy consumption at about 25 percent and provide its total installed wind and solar energy to more of 1,200 million kilowatts for 2030. The country The Meteorological Department has established the Air Separated Space-Air Sistemated, which is an authorized source of Data for research on climate change, he said.

The meteorological authorities must improve their monitoring and evaluation capabilities of greenhouse gases, as well as the national and regional potential of carbon sinks to contribute to the Decision making in the government, Chao added. EndItem


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