Beijing: China will increase inspections of imported frozen products to prevent the spread of Covid-19 through cold chains, an official of the General Customs Administration said on Thursday.

Food exporters abroad should remain strictly the regulatory guidelines issued by the United Nations Organization and Agriculture of the United Nations and the World Health Organization to ensure that its exports to China does not They are contaminated by the Coronavirus during production, processing, storage or transport, a press conference said. .

Until now, China has suspended imports from 124 cold-chain food manufacturers in 21 countries where employees have become infected with COVID-19. Among them, 107 companies voluntarily suspended exports to China following the outbreaks, Li said.

China will also strengthen its imported cold-imported food tests, particularly imported seafood, she said.

For Wednesday, approximately 1.3 million cold chain products had sampled for nucleic acid tests, with 47 positive tests, aggregate li.


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