An aerial view of the Danjiangkou prey in the province of Hubei. The deposit is the beginning of the average route of the Southern-North Water Fun Project. [Photo provided to China daily]

Beijing - China's investment in water conservation facilities reached a record of 770 billion yuan (around $ 118.5 billion) last year, according to the Ministry of Water Resources .

local authorities were encouraged to use special government bonuses and bank loans to increase the investment scale in water conservation as much as possible in the midst of efforts to compensate for the impact of the Covid epidemic- 19, the ministry said.

Some 150.9 billion yuan of special local government bonds were used to finance water conservation projects in 2020, almost six times the amount in 2019.

Construction began In 45 main water conservation projects last year, including flood control projects, deposits and irrigation facilities.

This year, China will accelerate the construction of water conservation projects and will continue to give full game to the role of water conservation to stabilize investment and maintain growth, the ministry said.


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