Rescuers work on the explosion site of a gold mine in the city of Qixia, the province of Shandong of East China, January 17, 2021. [Photo / Xinhua]

The 22 miners trapped in a gold mine In Qixia, Shandong province, are still alive after an explosion a week ago, according to rescue headquarters on Sunday night.

Food and other supplies for possible survivors were reduced through a cable, and the rescuers felt a pull on the cable around 10:50 pm. When the rescuers withdrew 35 minutes later, they found that supplies had been taken and a note that said all miners were alive, according to Headquarters.

The explosion occurred at 2 pm on January 10 at the Golden Mine of Hushan, which was under construction.

Twenty-two Mineros were working more than 600 meters underground at the time of the explosion, which damaged the Communications System of the Mine, leaving the rescuers unable to get in touch with the workers.

A total of 439 people of 14 rescue teams are working around the clock on the site, and the rescue headquarters said that more people were joining the teams to help reach the trapped miners.

The axis has been blocked by debris, including cables, metal cables and steel, hindering the rescuers of the rescuers.

After rescue workers saw some cracks in the debris heated on the shaft, some peanuts fell on the shaft in an attempt to provide the miners trapped with a little food, rescue tea m Member Sun Yingxiang was cited by Dazhong Daily Daily, a provincial newspaper.

The rescuers had erased the residues of the axis at a depth of 350 meters at midday on Saturday, he said.

Yao Xiuxia, secretary of the Festival of Qixia, and Zhu Tao, mayor of the city, were withdrawn from their publications on Friday in relation to the accident, which was not reported until 30 hours after the Explosion, denying the rescue teams. Beautiful time to get to the workers. .


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