Biden to sign 10 executive orders to address Vaccination COVID-19

will accelerate and the test will be increased. Emergency legislation will be used to increase the production of essential elements such as masks.

In a break with former President Donald Trump, politics highlights a national strategy instead of trusting states to decide what is best.

The movements come a day after Mr. Biden was sworeded as the 46 president.

The administration of triumph was widely accused of not being able to face the pandemic.

In terms of Total deaths of Coronavirus, the United States is the most affected country with more than 406,000 lives lost in accordance with Johns Hopkins University. Almost 24.5 million have been infected. .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainermargin-left: 1.5REM; .CSS-1PZPRXN-BULLETLISTCONTAINER

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    In the opening speech of him, Mr. Biden noticed that Coronavirus's pandemic in the United States was entering the "Morror Period" of him.

    Covid-19 TeARK Task for the task of card homework, JEFS, told reporters under Mr. Trump there was no federal strategy and a comprehensive approach was missing.

    "As President Biden approaches the office today, that everyone changes," he said.

    The Administration revealed a seven-point plan that included efforts to facilitate the effective distribution of vaccines and reliable access to testing.

    "The American people deserve an urgent response, robust and professional to growing public health and the economic crisis caused by the croconavirus outbreak (COVID-19)," said an introduction to the plan. Media Captta Historical Inauguration In unusual times

    he said that Mr. Biden believed that the government "must act, quickly and aggressively to help protect and support" essential and most vulnerable workers.

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    although orders Executives do not require congressional approval, a large part of the financing for planned measures is contained in a huge stimulus package of $ 1.9TN announced by Mr. Biden. EK

    He will need a cooperation of the Senate and the House of Representatives so that the package is adopted without problems.

    The objective is to give 100 million doses of vaccines at the end of April, and reopen most schools safely within 100 days.

    There will be more funds for state and local officials to help address the pandemic, and a new office will be established to coordinate the national response.

    The Defense Production Law will be used to accelerate the production of personal protective equipment and essential supplies necessary for the production of vaccines. Mr. TRUMP used the same piece of legislation to force the production of articles shortly from last year. At the top of the regulations already announced to use social masks and distancing throughout the property of the federal government, facial coatings will become compulsory in many planes and trains.

    "What we are inheriting is much worse than we could have imagined," said Mr. Zients.

    In a new rest with the previous administration, Mr. Biden's Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that the United States would join the CVAX scheme designed to deliver Vaccines Covid to poor countries.

    Speaking on video call to the World Health Organization in Geneva, Dr. Fauca also stressed that the US UU would continue to provide funds for WHO, in line with Mr. Biden's movement to reverse Mr. Trump's decision to leave.

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