Beijing, January 26 (Xinhua): China expects the new US administration UU can treat China and Chinese-American relations objectively and rationally, he said On Tuesday a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Affairs.

Spokesperson Zhao Lijian made the observations at a regular press release in response to a question about the White House's observations of the spokesman about US relations with China.

Like two main countries, China and the United States share extensive common interests to maintain global peace and stability and promote global development and prosperity, and responsibilities Special and important shoulder, Zhao said.

"China and the United States will get from cooperation and lose confrontation. Cooperation is the only right option for both parties," said the spokesman.

He said that in recent years the administration of Trump has made directional errors, treating China as a strategic competitor, or even a threat. It has taken a series of erroneous actions that interfered in China's internal affairs and damaged the injured interests of China, which led to an unusually critical situation in US ties that is not seen from the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Zhao said.

"This is not in the fundamental interests of the two peoples," she said.

China expects the new USA UU The Government will learn from the wrong policies of Trump's administration to China, it will treat China and Chinese-US relations of Objective and rational way, adopt a positive and constructive policy towards China, face China halfway, focus on cooperation, manage differences and push China. "Relationships again on the right path of healthy and stable development, Zhao said. EndItem


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