Hong Kong, January 29 (Xinhua) - The Government of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong from China (HSAR) announced on Friday that it will no longer recognize the British national call passport Abroad (BNO) as a valid travel document and proof of identity, which follows national countermeasures against the new policy of Great Britain.

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, China will no longer recognize the so-called BNO passport as a travel document and identification document from the Sunday (January 31) and reserves the right to take more actions.

The decision was made after the British Government announced that it will begin accepting applications for citizenship for Hong Kong residents eligible to the BNOs, starting on Sunday.

Hsar's government spokesperson said that Chinese and British governments came to a consensus a long time ago about how to deal with the theme of Hong Kong residents with BNO passports and exchanged Memoranda about understanding.

In his memorandum, Great Britain was clearly committed to not conferring the right of residence in Great Britain in those holders of the Holders of Chinese citizens in Hong Kong, he said the spokesperson.

The current movement on the British side has substantially changed the nature of the BNO passport, and it is a fundamental violation of its promise in its memorandum, the spokesman said.

As Great Britain Unfold your commitment first, it is legitimate that China take countermeasures in response, the spokesman said.

Non-recognition of the BNO passport as a valid travel document is not in conflict with the commitment of the Chinese Government in its memorandum, as well as the explanations of relative issues To the implementation in the HKSAR of the Law of Nationality of T The People's Republic of China granted by the Standing Committee of the National Popular Congress, the spokesman said.

The adoption of the central government of posture and politics in response to the violation of Great Britain. The commitment is a matter of foreign affairs and falls directly within its Purview, said the spokesman, adding that the HKSAR Government will fully follow the necessary measures to implement relevant policy.

As of Sunday, the BNO passport can not be used for the immigration office in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong residents in question can continue using their passports HKSAR or permanent identity cards to enter or leaving Hong Kong, said the spokesman.

BNO passport can not be used as any form of identity test in Hong Kong. Hong Kong residents in question can continue to use their permanent identity cards as an identity test.

When flights from the passenger board for Hong Kong, the airlines in question should require Hong Kong residents to require Hong Kong residents to present Your HKSAR passports or your Hong Kong permanent identity cards as proof. The permanent residents of Hong Kong who are not from Chinese nationality and do not have other valid travel documents can be applied to the H $ Government Immigration Department for identity document for visa purposes for international travel.

The spokesman noted that the British government movement clearly uses the passport or BNO status, which some people still have a political maneuver on the pretext of providing A new route for relevant people to reside and obtain citizenship in Britain.

Hong Kong residents who hold the passport or BNO state must discern the political intention of the British government clearly, the spokesman said.

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