Back up against the wall! China has begun to use anal swabs to test Covid-19. According to state media, the alarming and invasive test method is currently being used in Beijing neighborhoods with confirmed COVID cases and other quarantine facilities.

Until now, the Covid tests through China, including mass tests performed in recent weeks at hot spots high and a half risk, They have done using nose or throat swabs. However, some areas are changing anal swabs as doctors say they are more effective in detecting the virus, which remains longest in the intestines it does in the respiratory tract.

News from the new procedures. Both Chinese social networks and Western social networks, with some Internet users who call it an elaborate form of public humiliation. However, CCTV has confirmed that it is unlikely that the anal swab is used as widely as other test methods because it is "not convenient". Phew!

Meanwhile, Beijing is intensifying its methods of preventing Covid in lead to the Chinese New Year. As of today, which marks the beginning of the New Year, domestic travelers from medium and high-risk areas will be excluded from entering the city.

Anyone who enters Beijing from any other place, including low-risk areas. And Beijing returnees, should also have a negative nucleic acid test from no more than seven days before the entrance. Visitors who plan to stay in the city for more than two weeks should also adhere to 14 days of health monitoring, including two additional tests, one day seven and one day 14.


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