Shijiazhuang, January 30 (Xinhua) - The Province of Hebei of North China reported a new confirmed case of Covid-19 on Friday, the Provincial Health Commission said on Saturday.

It was the second consecutive day that the province recorded a single case confirmed Covid-19, it came down from 90 in the peak of the last round of BROTE COVID-19 from the Start this year.

The locally transmitted case was reported in Shijiazhuang Provincial Capital. No new asymptomatic infections were recorded on Friday.

Also on Friday, 94 patients were downloaded from the hospital and 16 asymptomatic infections were released from medical observation.

A total of 534 cases of locally transmitted COVID-19 were receiving treatment in Hebei. In addition, 48 asymptomatic cases transmitted locally are" target="_BLANK">under medical observation, the Commission said. EndItem

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Image of Chinese mainland reports five new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases
Chinese mainland reports five new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases

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