Hong Kong residents now eligible for the United Kingdom Special Visa Published in 13 hours AGASOSHARECLLOSHAREGEEECPY Linkabout Sharingmedia CaptionWhat is the BNO visa for Hong Kongers?

A visa scheme to allow Hong Kong residents to come to the United Kingdom opens on Sunday, with some 300,000 people who are expected to apply.

The visa, which is open to the holders of a British National Passport (foreign) and its immediate dependents, will offer a fast track to the United Kingdom citizenship.

But the Chinese Foreign Ministry said no longer recognized the BNO passport as a travel document.

The United Kingdom launched the new visa after China imposed a new security law.

Those who apply and ensure the visa will be able to request settlement after five years and then British citizenship after another 12 months.

Beijing has previously warned the United Kingdom so as not to meddle on domestic issues.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the movement honored the "deep links of history and friendship" of the United Kingdom with the former British colony.

A nearly 7,000 people from Hong Kong have already been allowed to settle in the United Kingdom since July, the office said at home.

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  • can live the residents of Hong Kong now in the United Kingdom?

    Although there are 2.9 million eligible citizens to move to T The United Kingdom, with an additional estimate of 2.3 million dependents, the government expects around 300,000 people to assume the offer in the first five years.

    The 7,000 who have already arrived were allowed to be established before the plan began, permission was given out of the rules, which gives it to the discretion of the Government on immigration standards on compassionate motives.

    Mr Johnson said: "I am immensely proud that we have brought this new route to live, work and make your home in our country.

    " In doing so, we have honored our profound Links in history. and friendship with the people of Hong Kong, and we have stood at the freedom and autonomy, the values โ€‹โ€‹of the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, dear. "

    China's Foreign Ministry of the spokesman abroad, Zhao Lijian, called the plan a violation of China's gross sovereignty and interference in Hong Kong and the internal affairs of China, reported the news website affiliated by the country.

    "The British side ignored the fact that Hong Kong returned to China 24 years ago. "He said.

    China will no longer recognize the BNO passport since Sunday. It is ot, but of course what this movement will mean. < / p>

    Hong Kongers Use your own Hong Kong passport or identification card to leave the city. To enter mainland China, you must use your home return permit, issued by Chinese immigration, unless you use A complete foreign passport and request a visa to enter as a foreigner.

    the only time E Could use a BnO arrives on arrival in the United Kingdom or another country that recognizes the document.

    The new visa system helping British nationals escape from Hong Kong is perhaps the clearest example, however, the promise of the government to be a force forever in the world.

    is one thing to condemn oppression. It is another to do something about it.

    And here the UK is delivered to a promise made more than two decades ago for those who have the duty to protect.

    but there are questions.

    What support will these migrants have?

    In the long term, they can enrich the economy and culture of Great Britain, but in the short term, they will need help.

    Where are you going to live? Where are you going to find jobs? What happens if you predicted that the 300,000 predicts come in the first five years? How will people in Britain will respond to see their open borders?

    And above all, how will China be retalized, as promised? Banijing Ban Bnos of the Public Office, to vote or even leave? What will the UK do so?

    those eligible for the new visa can request online


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