by Sanaa Kamal

Gaza, January 31 (Xinhua) - Mohammed Eleiwa and Ahmed Abu Daqin are two young amputees Palestinians from the Gaza strip. They have been dominating Parkour, as well as other sports, despite the obstacles that are happening.

"When jumping from one place to another, I feel like a bird that is flying in the sky," Eleiwa told Xinhua, while taking off the prosthesis preparing for A jump in a public park in the city of Gaza.

"I have been training for several months to dominate the parkour," said the amputate of the right leg of 18 years, adding that he used to observe his companions while playing A Parkour.

In 2018, Eleiwa lost his right leg after the Israeli soldiers shot him in a march on the eastern fence that separated the Israeli cities from Gaza.

After a few months of training, Eleiwa feels proud that he can finally meet him and practice Parkour, which generally requires a high-level capacity To control the body.

Due to the step of him, he said he had feared to stay in bed for the rest of his life.

The psychological pressure led to the tilt of the sports, as a way to get rid of the stress that accompanied him after he lost his leg.

"I remember the first time I saw my friends playing soccer and practicing Parkour, I started crying. But then I decided to play with them," he remembered.

He then started practicing Parkour on the account of him without asking for help from others.

In addition, Eleiwa has also been challenged when he decided to dominate basketball with a group of his companions, all of whom had a leg or legs amputed.

Ahmed Abu Daqin, also an amputate of Gaza, has been participating with his friend Eleiwa in all the sports he has practiced since the beginning of 2019. < P Style = "Margin: 0px 3px 15px"> "I met Eleiwa during one of his physiotherapy sessions while practicing how to use his prosthetic foot," said the left leg of the left leg.

Abu Daqin lost his leg in 2007 after a great truck hit him, then he got his prosthetic limb in 2008.

" We have been exchanging our experience on how we can deal with our disabilities, "said Abu Daqin, adding that his friend helped him get involved in other sports.

The two young people have participated in dozens of sports competitions as members of the Palestinian national teams, including basketball, soccer and skateboarding.

They feel proud that they managed to win several international awards, considering that they have contributed significantly to breeding the name of Palestine in international sports. Arenas

"We are spreading positive energy, not only among us, but among others, by saying that people with disabilities can continue their lives naturally and achieve the best for their Future, if they reversed their talents correctly, "Abu Daqin told Xinhua. "I used to feel the penalty for people with disabilities, and I did not expect to be one of them. But after joining them, I discovered that the determination is the True force that can help us overcome all the obstacles we face, "Eleiwa said.

In Gaza, approximately 49,000 people with disabilities, around 2.4 percent of their total population, live in "difficult conditions that are not tolerated by their counterparts In other societies in the world, "according to Palestinian officials. EndItem

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