Chongqing: a videoconference was performed on the waste classification between Chongqing city of China Southwest China and the city of Mito from Japan on Wednesday, with government officials from both parties discussing and exchanging waste classification experiences through The zoom video conferencing platform. Officials of the two sides meet through the zoom videogo platform.

The videoconferencing was part of the continuous efforts to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of establishing the city's friendship relations between myth and Chongqing.

The Chinese delegation was headed by Wang Wen, Deputy Director of the Chongqing Municipal. Office of Affairs (MFAO), and consists of Jiulongpo District government officials, Tongliang Chengkou, representatives of relevant companies and some other MFAO officials.

While the Japanese delegation was directed by Koichi Kawaki, director of the municipal. Department of Citizen Collaboration, and Toshiyuki Sato, Director of the Department of Environment of Municipal Life, with a dozen section chiefs under the two departments that speak about several topics related to the residue classification.


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