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Director of the Chinese Chinese Board Office of China State Council

Dear Chinese friends abroad,

Today is the beginning of spring. On behalf of the Chinese Chinese Affairs Office of China State Council, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and the best wishes of the Chinese abroad and returned abroad, as well as their families. I wish you all a happy Spring Festival and a healthy family!

2020 was a year for China to advance despite heavy loads. Before the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, the whole country has remained united to overcome the difficulties and won strategic achievements in the containment of Covid-19. China has created a safe and pure land for a fifth of the world's population. On the other hand, international counterorrientes have not impeded the commitment of the Chinese government with the world and the people. The Regional Integral Economic Association (RCEP) for 15 Asia-Pacific countries and the China-EU investment agreement have confirmed multilateralism and free trade.

The year 2020 was also a difficult year for foreign Chinese. The cruel virus has interrupted their lives and made severe economic damage. Some Chinese abroad have also found pride and prejudice, and they even suffered discrimination and harm. You have had difficulties! We are grateful for your efforts. We honor your strength. Although we are thousands of miles away, we will always miss you. We will do our best to implement policies to benefit and comfort abroad Chinese.

At present, international exchanges are in a special period. The pandemic has shown different results of different cultural values ​​and traditions in social governance, and caused conflicts between different ideologies. The most conflicts we face, the more dialogues we need. At this time, we should further promote deep exchanges between different civilizations and speak clearly about the value of harmony in Chinese civilization, which has a bearing not only in mutual learning between Chinese and Western civilizations, but also in the future. Be of the Chinese abroad.

Dear Chinese friends abroad,

As president XI, declared, Chinese civilization, with a story of more than 5,000 years, is a powerful spiritual force for the nation. Fight for personal overcoming and grow stronger. No matter where our compatriots live, Chinese culture will always be the common spiritual gene for Chinese around the world to share.

History has repeatedly demonstrated that at every critical moment, Chinese abroad have made a unique and indelible contribution to their homeland and played an irreplaceable role in exchanges between China and other foreign countries.

History will show that in all foreign lands, foreign Chinese will contribute to building a community with a shared future for humanity.

Waiting for the new year, the world is still in flow. But we will continue to advance firmly towards our goal and safeguard the fundamental interests of Chinese abroad, returned abroad, Chinese and their families.


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