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Fourteen people from the influential portal of Videos Yyets, who offered more than 20,000 movies and TV series abroad with Chinese subtitles, were recently detained for copyright infringement, said Wednesday The Shanghai Public Safety Office.

Three companies involved in the case have been investigated, with 20 mobile phones and 12 computers seized. The amount of money involved was greater than 16 million yuan ($ 2.48 million).

The portal, established in 2003, recruited volunteers to create Chinese subtitles for a range of foreign films and television programs, and users allowed users. Online and download for free on your website and mobile phone application.

he had more than 8 million registered members, the police said.

However, a three-month investigation of the Shanghai police who ended last month found that a group led by a Liang surname man had established a series of companies since 2018 to establish and rent computer servers In China and abroad, for the development, operation and maintenance of the website and the application.

No authorization from copyright owners, the group downloaded pirated platform movies and hired video to translate and create video files with subtitles, paying around 400 yuan per video, before uploading them to the site Web.

The group also made profits through membership charges of the website an advertising fees, as well as selling mobile hard drives that contain pirated videos.

yyets became popular among the Chinese fans of the foreign television series. However, the problems of video copyright plagued the portal for years as the country intensified the protection of copyright. The website and the application have been disconnected since January 4.

In January, the Shanghai police resolved more than 110 cases of copyright infringement and falsification that cost around 160 international brands more than 400 million yuan.

The police said consumers should not buy, navigate or download pirated products. In addition, the public must be more aware of copyright problems when publishing content on social networking platforms.


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