Beijing, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) - Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang on Wednesday delivered a video speech at a New Year's banquet held by Groups Club 48 of Great Britain.

Sixty-eight years ago, a group of British distant, represented by Jack Perry, broke the ice and opened the Chinese-British trade door, providing a Beautiful spiritual richness for friendly exchanges. Between the two countries, Li said.

While both countries continue with that spirit of "icebreakers" generation generation and remain faithful to promote friendship and development, there will be no ice that does not It can break or the differences that can not be solved, he said.

2020 was a year full of events for China, Great Britain and everyone. China's economy grew 2.3 percent year after year, which was an achievement of Hard-livestock, Li said.

Notice that the Covid-19 pandemic still poses the severe challenges and the world. The economy continues to face a multitude of uncertain and unstable factors, Li said that China will maintain consistent, stable and sustainable macro-policies, and will ensure that its economy works within a reasonable range.

Great Britain is an important partner of China in Europe, and China always gives great importance to developing bilateral relations, he said.

Both countries must expand cooperation and improve the stability of bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect and equal treatment, said the principal.

China is willing to join Great Britain and all other countries to defeat the pandemic as soon as possible, promote economic recovery and faire the challenges Globe

Started in 2009, the New Year's Banquet is carried out annually by the group club 48, which serves as a communication platform for Chinese and British people.

Feast this year, the first to stay online, attracted to more than 1,000 British. EndItem


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