Shanghai, Feb 4 (Xinhua) - After being closed for two weeks due to the confirmed cases of Covid-19, two Hospitals in Shanghai announced on Thursday to finalize his management period Closed loop next week and reopens to the public.

5g Network and other communication technologies played an important role in helping Hospitals through difficulties during the closed loop management period.

After the resurgence of COVID-19 sporadic cases in Shanghai at the end of January, the Xuhui Branch of the Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center and the West Branch of the Renji Hospital began in closed management Management, since the workplace of some confirmed cases was related to the two Hospitals.

Closed loop management is intended to stop the propagation of the virus as soon as possible. The normal operations of Hospitals. With guaranteed 5G and 4G networks and 5G innovative applications, thousands of people in Hospitals lead a normal life and work without interruptions.

An antenna of 6 meters high. At the Xuhui branch of the University of Fudan, Shanghai Cancer Center on January 29, with an emergency communication vehicle that operates at full capacity to guarantee reliable signs of 4G and 5G at the closed Hospital.

With more than 6,000 people in quarantine in the Hospital and each building was set under closed loop administration, communication between several Hospital departments, as well as among patients and their families, is more dependent on 4G and 5G signals.

The online visiting service provided by the Hospital UCI for the members of the family of patients and the Livestreaming of some doctors to answer the questions of the Patients are in an urgent need for a stable network communication.

M The missing signals are used to get stuck overnight at the closed Hospital because patients would chat with video with their relatives. Since the antenna was placed, the video chats became smooth.

In Renji Hospital, the 5G network has even helped doctors in quarantine. Provide remote consultations to patients elsewhere.

Shanghai is a city with quality medical resources and many patients with complex diseases of all China, go there to seek treatment.

Ma Xiong, the chief doctor of the Gastroenterology Department of the Renji Hospital, not only serves patients in Shanghai, but also practices in Ningbo, Zhejiang province of China Oriental. After closed loop administration, almost 400 visits to the MA patient will be delayed.

On the morning of January 26, MA reviewed CT images and laboratory reports of patients in Ningbo through the 5G network while they are put in Quarantine at a hotel in Shanghai. Together with local doctors at the Ningbo branch of Renji Hospital, MA functioned online a complete treatment plan for patients.

Mou Shan, Executive Dean of Ningbo Renji branch The Hospital, said the remote medical service can effectively assign high quality medical resources, make them Medical experts and patients are in "face to face" in the shortest possible time. Enditem

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