Biden ends the neutral point on the first African woman and the first woman to lead the WTO published in 1 hour agasoshacelloshare pagecopy linkabout sharingmedia lingition 'do not leave Africa back at the Battle of Coronavirus'

The Biden Administration has finished the neutral point in the next head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) expressing its "strong support" for The former Minister of Finance of Nigeria.

NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA was Fronttrunner for the paper until the Trump administration last October said she wanted another woman, Yoo Myung-Hee of South Korea.

MS Yoo has withdrawn the candidacy of it.

If confirmed in the role, Dr. Okonjo-iweala would be the first woman and the first African to lead the WTO.

Dr Okonjo-iweala On Friday she praised her rival for the position and said: "There is a vital job ahead to do together".

  • ngozi okonjo-iweala established to make the history of the WTO
  • treats us to block the first African Chief of the WTO
  • the Chief of Commerce of Trump wants the WTO career to be reopened

    A WTO Nominating Committee in October recommended to its 164 members, designate Dr. Okonjo-iWeala as a replacement of the Outgoing Chief Roberto Azevedo; A spokesman at that time said that everyone had approved the appointment "except for one".

    President Donald Trump, who had described the WTO as "horrible" and biased towards China, I wanted Mrs. Yoo, Minister of Commerce of South Korea. .

    ms yoo on Friday said that his decision to withdraw his candidacy was made in "near consultation" with the US. UU She said: "South Korea will actively contribute to reaching consensus for the next head of The WTO and cooperate with it and will participate in the WTO reform process. "

    The White House congratulated Mrs Yoo in the "strong campaign)." For her position and for being a "traibrazer" as the Female Prime Minister of South Korea.

    In a statement, she said that "the United States is ready to participate in the next phase of the WTO process to achieve a consensus decision on the Director General of the WTO."

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