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Feb 6


The Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/1019" target="_BLANK">Chinese continent reported 12 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, including 4 local transmitted

out of China the latest figures informed by the Health Authority of each Government as of February 6, 2021.

February 5

Out of China the latest informed figures by the Health Authority of each Government as of February 5, 2021.

- Great Britain to impose the quarantine of compulsory hotel, as of February 15 (read more)

- The President of the UN General Assembly receives COVID-19 vaccine (read more)

- NYC COVID-19 Test positivity rate of up to 8.48%, new cases to 3,627: higher (read more)

- Italy Covid-19 death tap TAPS 90,000

- Canada extends the prohibition of COVID-19 at cruises at 2022

China Last data published by the Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/1011" target="_BLANK">Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/1017" target="_BLANK">National Health Commission by Midnight, February 4, 2021.

- INF Ormes from the mainland China 20 Covid-19 cases confirmed on Thursday, 6 locally transmitt ED (read more)

Feb 4

outside China

- New cases Covid-19 in US dollars While variants extend to the draws (read more)

- coronavirus of death of the death of the death of Spain 60,000

- France registers more than 26,000 new COVID-19 infections on a day

: Travelers to Sweden required to present negative Covid-19 Test from February 6

China: reports of The mainland of China 30 confirmed Covid-19 cases on Wednesday, 17 locally transmitted (read more): The WHO Expert Team Visit Key Places in Wuhan (Read More) - China has managed more than 31 million doses of Vaccines COVID-19 (Read More)

- The nucleic acid test capacity of the sample of a single daily sample from China reaches 16 million, 12.7 times the figure of the 2020 (Read more)

February 3

Out of China

- Pfizer Sease at least 2 doses of BLN VACCINES COVID-19 this year , see $ 15 BLN at 2021 of the shots (read more)

- Cuba sees a repeated peak in the daily infections of Covid-19 (read more)

- United Kingdom for Start the Door-to-DO OOR Covid-19 Tests in 8 areas (read more)


- Reports of the China Continental 25 Covid-19 cases confirmed on Tuesday, 15 Local transmids (Read more)

February 2

Out of China

- Covid-19 Vaccination for all Germans at the end of summer: Merkel ( Read more)

- Increase the UK Vaccine of orders of 400 million dose after a new agreement (read more)

- US New Coves Cases dropped by Third Week week , HOSALIZATIONS DOW (Read More)


- China's reports Minlandia 30 Confirmed Covid-19 cases on Monday, 12 transmitted L Occally (read more)

Feb 1

Outside China

- we Covid -19, Hospitalizations fall while deaths still increase (read more)

- Greece identifies the first case of the Mutated Coronavirus strain detected in S. Africa (read more)

- Israel extends Covid -19 Lockdown (Read more)

- ADB provides 25 million dollars to help Philippines buy Covid-19 vaccines


- Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/1132" target="_BLANK">China reports Minlandia 42 confirmed Covid-19 cases on Sunday, 33 Transmitted locally (read more)

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