Myanmar Coup: Internet Closure as Protest against Milites Militudes Published 1 hour AgashaReclosHare Pagecopy Linkabout Sharingimage CopyrighePaimage CaptionProtesters In Yangon Flash, the greeting of three fingers, which has become a symbol of challenge in the region

Military rulers of Myanmar have closed the country's Internet, since thousands of people joined the largest rally still against the blow of Monday.

Away on the Internet Almost Total is in force with the connectivity that fell to 16% of the ordinary levels, said the Internet Observatory Internet Observatory Monitoring Group.

In the main city, Yangon, the crowds sang "military dictator, fail, fail; democracy, victory, victory".

The police with anti-tisturban shields has blocked the main roads in the center of the city.

The closing of the Internet occurred hours after the military had blocked access to Twitter and Instagram to stop people by mobilizing for protests. Facebook had been forbidden a day before.

Many users had evaded restrictions on social networks through the use of virtual private networks (VPN), but the most general blackout interrupted that.

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  • Myanmar: What is happening and why?

    Civil society organizations urged Internet providers and mobile networks to challenge the Blackout Order, reports of the Reuters News Agency. GROUP OF HUMAN RIGHTS Amnesty International called the closure "Atroz and reckless".

    The army has not commented. Temporarily blocked Internet access after the coup d'état on February 1.

    Demonstrator: 'We have to finish now'

    Saturday morning, protesters, including factory workers and young people, They asked for the launch of the detainees by the army, including the elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

    They marched through the streets of Yangon as the city buses sounded their horns in support. The passers-by showed the greeting of the hunger games of three fingers, which has become a symbol of challenge against authoritarianism in the region.

    "We are here to fight for our next generation, free them from a military dictatorship," said a woman at the Rally, Agence France-Presse. "We have to finish it now." image CopyReimage CaptionPolice in Riot equipment. They have blocked the roads in Yangon

    Myanmar, also known as Burma, has remained mostly calm after the blow, and there was no immediate reports of violence after Saturday's protests. More demonstrations were expected to be held later.

    Military authorities bend over the capital, Nay Pyi Drav, and so far avoid direct commitment to protesters.

    The BBC's Nyein Chan in Yangon says that the Burmese know very well the violent representations of the military who are capable. The country was governed by an oppressive military government from 1962 to 2011.

    But now that people have had time to digest what is happening, they are finding different ways of listening to their voices, says our correspondent.

    Australian Academic Stop

    MS Suu Kyi is under house arrest, according to the lawyer of it. Police documents show that she is accused of illegally importing and using communications-Walkie-Talkies teams, in her house in the capital.

    Meanwhile, an Australian academic, who was an economic advisor to Mrs Suu Kyi, was arrested in Yangon. Sean Turnell told the BBC that she had been confined to her hotel and she did not know what could be charged. means of media "We wish you to fall": teachers in the city of Yangon have joined the protests against Monday's military coup

    the coup was held as a new session of p

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