Tourists pose for a photo in the world Harbin Ice-Snow in Harbin, the province of Heilongjiang from Northeast China, on December 24, 2020. [Photo / Xinhua]

Eighty percent of the tourist attractions of the Class A of the country's class will be open as usual during the Seven Day Spring Festival, a senior official of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said on Wednesday.

Hou Zhengang, an official of the Ministry Market Management Department said at a press conference as well as the season. Closing of tourist attractions in some areas in the north of the country, as well as those with strict requirements for prevention and control of epidemics, 80 percent of the country's class A tourist attractions will normally work to meet the needs of the Public during the holidays.

At the same time, all class A tourist attractions will limit tickets sold daily, request reservations and encourage stepped visits to avoid mass meetings, he said.

Due to the VOCID-19 PANDEMIC, a lot of people through T the country will remain in their working cities instead of traveling back home for the" target="_BLANK">Spring Festival, which begins the Thursday.

Hou said he knows the needs of leisure people during the festival while maintaining control and prevention of the epidemic. The Ministry has made efforts to provide high quality services.

It has cooperated with the National Arts Fund of China, the National Company of Opera Beijing and other cultural and media platforms to launch a series of online services. The National Arts Fund of China will transmit 20 outstanding scenic jobs, and the National Ballet of China, will live its performances.

The ministry also encouraged the localities to promote tourism services, including urban tours, suburban tours, rural visits, road trips and festival thematic tours and organize local cultural activities in an orderly manner.

The ministry also urged the departments of culture and tourism at all levels to strictly implement prevention and control measures to prevent the spread of coreavirus through cultural and tourist activities, and carry out an investigation In depth to eradicate security dangers during vacations.

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