Beijing: China has presented a new laboratory to promote the Science of deep land and anticipated detection technologies, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

The laboratory, Under the coordination of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, aims to become an investment of research with international influence. It will collect research resources and cooperate with international counterparts in several areas, including the exploration of the deep structure, the exploration of deep resources and the deep ultraep well. It will also promote the exchange of large data and equipment of deep land and equipment for exploration of deep land.

Much energy, industrial raw materials and water resources are stored in the depth of the Earth. It is expected that the exploration of the deep land faces many challenges, including the environments of extreme pressure and temperature. The laboratory will focus on strategic needs and promote Innovation in the area, added the MNR.

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Image of Public legal services reach urban, rural areas of China: Ministry
Public legal services reach urban, rural areas of China: Ministry

Beijing: A network of public legal services composed of 566,000 platforms that serve residents in urban and rural areas has taken shape in China, the

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