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  • CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC Copyright image through Getty ImagesImage Capitiofrica Close your Earth borders on January 11 after a new variant Covid

    South Africa was detected, it says that Monday reopened 20 of its border crosses Terrestrials that were closed last month to try to stop the spread of COVID-19 infections.

    The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting on Saturday.

    South Africa has been hit hard by a second wave of the bud linked to a new variant of the disease.

    It has registered almost 1.5 million infections and more than 47,000 deaths related to Covid, with great the highest number of Africa.

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    worldwide, more than 108 million have been confirmed. Cases since the beginning of the outbreak at the end of 2019, with almost 2.3 million deaths, according to the University of Johns Hopkins of America. Media CaptionCoronavirus in South Africa: One day in the life of a contact plotter

    in other developments:

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  • , it is unlikely that the pandemic ends unless the poorest countries have access to vaccines, a group of scientists warned.

    What did the South Africa government say?

    On Saturday, the government announced that borders with Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho and Eswatini would be open.

    "The active and orderly management of people through our borders is an important part of the general approach adjusted by the country's risk to control the spread of Covid-19," said Minister of Affairs of Interior Aaron Motsoaoledi.

    But the minister warned that all those who wish to cross borders must produce evidence of the negative Covid tests taken recently. Cases of CapttiCoronavirus average have been in the increase of countries in southern Africa.

    Mr. Motsoaoledi said he would personally visit the four crowded crosses to observe traveler's processing.

    South Africa closing its borders with neighboring countries on January 11 after the new variant of COVID-19 was detected.

    Several countries have banned all trips to and from South Africa.

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