UAE HOPE MESSION Returns the first image of Mars

Jonathan AmosScience @ bbcamoson correspondent Published 4 hours AgoshaReclosHare Pageecopy Linkabout SharingImage Copyrighttuaesa / MBRSC / LASP / EMM-Exiimage capture The image shows three shield volcanoes on a line, as well as the Olimpus Mons, the highest volcano In the Solar System

The Hope Mission of United Arab Emirates has returned its first image of Mars.

The spacecraft entered an orbit around the red planet on Tuesday, making the EAU the first Arab nation in history to have a scientist. Presence in the nearby neighbor of the earth.

This first image will be followed by many similar views of Mars.

Hope was put into a broad orbit, so I could study the climate and climate of the planet. Systems, which means that you will also see the complete disk of the planet.

is a kind of view that is the family rate. The Terrestrial Telescopes of OM, but less of the satellites actually positioned on Mars.

They have traditionally been maintained near the planet so they can obtain high resolution images of the surface and act as telecommunications relay stations for landed robots in contact with the Earth.

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  • History: Make UAE Probe Brakes In the orbit of Mars image copyrightmbrscimage captionartwork: EAUs are the first Arab nation in history to send a tense to Mars

    the image at the top of this page was captured by the Hope Exi instrument from An altitude of 24,700 km (15,350 miles) on the Martian surface at 20:36 GMT on Wednesday, so, one day after arriving at the red planet.

    The North Mars pole is at the top left of the image. In the center, simply emerging in early morning sunlight, it is Olympus Mons, the largest volcano of the Solar System. Look directly at the limit between the night and the day, the so-called terminator.

    The three shield volcanoes in a line are Ascraeus Mons, Pavonis Mons and Arsia Mons. Look at the east, at the tip of the planet, and you can see the powerful Canyon system, Marineris valleys. It is part covered by the cloud.

    "The first image of the transmission of the first image of the Hope Probe is a definite moment in our history and marks the UAE that join the advanced Nations involved in space exploration," he said The Twitter account of the mission. "We hope this mission will drive new discoveries on Mars, which will benefit humanity."

    Hope is now running on an initial ellipse around Mars that comes as close as 1,000km from the planet and goes out to almost. 50,000km. In the course of the next few weeks, it will be cut to an orbit of 55 hours, 22,000km-por-43,000 km that leans to the equator at approximately 25 degrees.

    is one of this high hanger. That hope plans to carry out a novel investigation. It will track how energy moves through the atmosphere from the bottom to the top.

    One of his missions is to study the escape to the space of the neutral hydrogen atoms and the remains of oxygen of Mars' once abundant water. This will be added to our understanding of the precise way of how a previously warm and humid planet became the cold, dusty and dried world that is today.

    On the day the United Arab Emirates await the probe took this first image, the Chinese Tianwen. 1 Orbiter arrived at Mars.

    I like hope, it had to run a braking maneuver to make sure it is captured by the gravity of the planet.

    TIANWEN-1 mission carriers to Rover that will be sent to the surface in May or June.

    China's space agency has launched early images from what was its satellite saw during its insertion of orbit.

    These images do not come from a science chamber as well as the EXI instrument of hope, but of the low resolution chambers used by the engineers to inspect the spacecraft.


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